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We offer the Fred Astaire Trophy System as an easy way for you to track your progress while you enjoy dancing! Our Social and Advanced Foundation Programs teach beginning students the step patterns and techniques to move comfortably on the dance floor with any partner. From there, a student can progress through our Bronze and Silver levels - all the way to the Gold.

The Fred Astaire Dance Curriculum covers the full range of American, Latin-American, International Style, and Exhibition/Theatre Arts dances. World famous dance champions and registered judges on the Fred Astaire National Dance Board constantly study and review our curriculum to make sure that only the finest, up-to-date programs are being offered to our students.

After the Introductory Program you'll advance to our Beginner's Program and then to a Social Foundation; then Bronze, Silver, and Gold Programs. Each package after the Beginner's Program is designed individually for you. We can arrange a payment plan that fits your needs, lifestyle and budget.

Take your first steps today with Fred Astaire Dance Studio!

Fred Astaire Dance Studio | 604 Valley Road | Upper Montclair, New Jersey| call (973) 783-8999


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