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"Can't dance? Neither could I! My wife and I walked into the studio with no experience, but the teachers at Fred Astaire Upper Montclair are excellent. They have a fantastic staff with tons of experience and they'll have you dancing before you know it. Not only are the teachers fantastic, but the other students are great and you'll quickly make new friends. So whether you've seen "Dancing with the Stars" and want to be like them, or if you just want to feel more comfortable on the dance floor this is the place to be. I'd recommend them to everyone (and frequently do!)!

So if you are reading this because you are thinking about signing up for classes, then stop thinking and go for it! It is great, it is fun and it is healthy. You will love it, and in no time, you will be next one writing a testimonial." - Stephen U.

"Love dance? Love music? If the answer is yes, you'll love this studio. I've been around dancers and dance studios my whole life; this school delivers. It offers instruction for people of all levels, and the teachers are pros. You can come in as an individual or as a couple. There are no hard and fast requirements. What this studio appreciates (when all is said and done), is the student's willingness to learn. And if that's your goal, you couldn't find a better place to study ballroom. There are some perks. For someone like me (who believes good music stopped with Gershwin, Berlin, Kern, Porter, or Rodgers and Hart), you may find some people to talk to. But most importantly, you'll find teachers and an environment willing to nurture your dance ambitions (whatever they are). If you're shy (and I certainly was) about taking that first lesson, get over it. Like anything else, you have to take the first step." - Ellen L.
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